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AIPC Quality Standards Program

The Shaw Centre has become the 20th AIPC (International Association of Congress Centres) member to have achieved the prestigious Quality Standards distinction, securing a Gold level accreditation in 2012, after just one year of operation.

“The outcome of this review is unquestionably a very positive experience and has provided a framework for continuous and sustained improvement.”

Pat Kelly, President

The AIPC Quality Standards Program is based on self-assessment in key areas, aimed at confirming that both appropriate standards and the processes to achieve these are in place, as confirmed by an external auditor who reviews documentation provided by each centre.

This program was developed in response to ongoing interest by members in having an industry-specific program for identifying and evaluating key areas of convention centre performance leading to a visible and accepted form of recognition. At the same time, there is a requirement for a professional audit process in order to ensure the credibility of results. For this reason, AIPC has an appointed External Auditor for the AIPC Quality Standards Certification program.

AIPC has developed a set of quality standards and a means of assessing compliance.

These standards address a number of requirements, including:

  1. Being flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of facility types, ages and configurations;
  1. Being seen from a client perspective so they had an impact in the market.
  1. Being “graduated” and allowing participating centres to set their own pace for compliance, so that centres who were still working on their performance issues wouldn’t be excluded from participation, and
  1. Being seen as having been developed and maintained by an external body like AIPC, using an external auditor, rather than by individual facilities or groups of facilities in order to maintain their credibility.

The standards address 10 key areas:

  • Customer Service,
  • Quality of Facilities and Operations,
  • Employee Relations,
  • Health and Safety,
  • Security and Emergency Response,
  • Financial Integrity,
  • Community Relations,
  • Environmental Responsibility,
  • Industry Relations,
  • Supplier Relations.

The audit process consists of a procedure wherein centres assemble and submit documentation as to how they are addressing each area and what measures they have in place to gauge success. 

AIPC’s Guide to Developing and Implementing Quality Standards for Congress Centres explains the background to the program and elaborates on the areas covered by the Standards.

Audit forms and an outline of the procedure are available through the AIPC Secretariat office.


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