Shaw Centre Interior

About Us


The Shaw Centre is located on the site of the Old Congress Centre, one of the most successful convention centres of its type in the country. The major redevelopment, in 2011 has tripled the hosting capacity and has greatly enhanced the appeal to planners of national and international conventions, meetings and trade shows. Since its opening in 2011, the Shaw Centre has hosted more than 3,450 events.


Shaw Centre is an Operational Enterprise Agency of the Crown in the Province of Ontario, governed by the Ottawa Convention Centre Corporation Act, with a mandate to operate, maintain and manage an international class convention centre facility in the city of Ottawa in a manner that will promote and develop tourism and industry in Ottawa and Ontario.

Serving Clients

One of the main keys to success in creating extraordinary events is to put customers first. The Shaw Centre staff, partners and suppliers work hard to make sure that clients’ vision would come true to the most extent. The Shaw Centre is governed by a board of directors, managed by an expert team of professionals and operationally driven by inspired colleagues and selected suppliers whose main goal is to create events with unforgettable experience.