Shipping and Receiving

Shipping and Receiving

How to get to the Shaw Centre Loading Dock

How to get to the Shaw Centre, Ottawa, Canada from Centre Shaw Centre on Vimeo.


Material Handling – Provided by GES

Exhibitors and clients have the option, but are not required, to use the Exclusive Partner for Material Handling if they are able to safely and efficiently, without risk of damage to the facility, move-in and move-out their event or exhibit materials or crates etc… by hand or by dollies without the use of motorized and mechanized materials handling equipment.

Should a Client and/or their suppliers, exhibitor or exhibit, tradeshow or a consumer show require Material Handling Services such as those requiring the use of motorized or mechanized equipment such services must be arranged through the Shaw Centre’s Exclusive Partner.

Material handling involves the unloading of your materials at the designated unloading zone(s), delivery of the materials to your booth or designated Shaw Centre location, and the return of your materials to the designated loading zone(s) for reloading onto your outbound carrier. In some cases (depending upon the extent of services required or provided by your event) this may include storage of empty containers during the event, and their return for repackaging, followed by reloading onto your outbound carrier. Labour, Licensed  Operators and the appropriate equipment are used to unload and load your carrier and get your materials to your event location safely, and efficiently.

Telephone: 613-315-9690


Loading Dock

The Shaw Centre Loading Dock was designed with our clients in mind. Its features were built to accommodate events of all sizes with the goal of making your move-in and move-out straightforward and seamless.


Loading Bays:

  • Four bays with adjustable hydraulic plates that can accommodate trucks of various heights with or without lift gates.
  • A fifth bay with a hydraulic lift that can be horizontally adjusted to various vehicle heights. Due to its split plate it can also be used on vans.
  • Three bays can accept 53” trailers and two of them can accommodate highway cabs.
  • Bay Six is a flat area that can accept up to eight passenger vehicles.
  • An exhaust hose serves bays three and four for clients renting the bay to install diesel reefer truck/trailer. Electrical outlets are also available.
  • One washroom is located on the dock.



  • Two passenger elevators with capacities of 56 people or 9000lb (4080kg) that can be used for smaller freight.

ž   Dimensions: 126” high, 75.5” wide, 153” deep
ž   Door dimensions: 108: high, 53.5” wide

  • One small freight elevator with a capacity of 20 000lb (9072kg).

ž   Dimensions: 119” high, 168” wide, 160” deep
ž   Door dimensions: 119” high, 173” wide

  • One large freight  elevator with a capacity of 24 000lb (10886 kg).

ž   Dimensions: 119” high, 140” wide, 472” deep
ž   Door dimensions: 119” high, 144” wide


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